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Fuego Biodegradable Urn

The Fuego Biodegradable Urn is a new addition to our range, that allows for the dignified and ceremonial storing or laying to rest of a loved one’s ashes. The urn is made of ceramic and organic fibres, and finished with a special glazing to preserve it for home or columbaria use. Once the urn is laid into soil, it will completely biodegrade over decades without any negative impact on the environment. It is incredibly versatile as the ashes can be laid to rest in the ground after many years, and the urn will not begin to degrade until introduced to the soil. Dimensions – 27.5cm high, 20cm diameter, 2kg weight, 4 litre capacity.

  • Coated in a beautiful crackled copper and grey glaze
  • Does not dissolve in water due to its special coating
  • Degrades in soil over decades, without any impact on the environment
  • Suitable for home or columbaria use, will not degrade unless in soil
  • Simply seal with a small amount of glue (supplied)
  • Water-soluble and biodegradable bag to hold the ashes inside
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How to use the Fuego Biodegradable Urn:

The Fuego Biodegradable Urn is most suited to home or columbaria use, as it takes decades to completely degrade in the soil. However, if you do wish to lay the urn into the ground so it degrades, please do the following.

Earth Burial:
  1. Take the water-soluble bag out of the urn.
  2. Cut the strap and keep it to close the bag.
  3. Place the open bag inside the urn and carefully place the ashes inside.
  4. Close the bag with the strap.
  5. Seal the urn with a small amount of glue (supplied).
  6. Leave the glue to set for a few hours, but ideally overnight.
  7. Do not lift the urn by the lid once the glue has been applied.
  8. Place the urn into the ground, cover with soil and compress, making it level with the ground and then water lightly.
  9. Over the decades to come, the urn will degrade and the ashes will disperse into the soil.
Water Burial:
  1. The Fuego Biodegradable Urn is not water soluble, and therefore not suitable for water burial.