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Biodegradable Urns

We have biodegradable urns to suit every option for laying ashes to rest. Whether they are simply being interred into the ground, placed into water, or to nurture new plant and tree life, we have an urn to suit.

The Tierra range is perfect if the interment may not happen for years to come, as it can sit on the side at home without degrading, until coming into contact with water or soil.

  • Limbo Olea – ground burial, water disbursement, tree planting
  • Limbo Samsara – ground burial, water disbursement
  • Limbo Riviera – water disbursement only
  • Limbo Nu – sea disbursement only
  • Tierra Hielo & Fuego – home or niche storage, ground burial
  • Tierra Pura, Arena, Bola & Rio – home storage, ground burial, water disbursement