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Limbo Olea Urn

The Limbo Oléa Urn allows for the dignified and ceremonial laying to rest of adults ashes or a large pet. This innovative urn is also produced to nurture the growth of a living memorial or for the committal of ashes to water. The Limbo Oléa Urn is made entirely of crushed olive pips and naturally coloured with kiwi which gives it its beautiful, bold green colour. We are the exclusive UK distributor for the Limbo Olea Urn. Dimensions – 22cm diameter, 1.4kg weight, 3.2 litre capacity.

  • Ground Use:
    Designed for burying your loved ones ashes – the urn’s lid can be replaced to include a sapling of your choice which can be planted to cultivate new life – it can also be placed in a planter and therefore able to move and grow with the family. This urn may be buried alongside an existing tree to aid on-going nutrition or for internment into a grave – permission allowing.
  • Water Use:
    This environmentally sound vessel can be used for the committal of ashes into the sea or freshwater. It is designed to take the ashes directly to the bottom of the waterway – alternatively – the urn can be also be buried along a shoreline. The approximate dissolution time is between five and ten minutes when it is submerged in water – whereas if it is buried along the shoreline – the dissolution time will depend on the level of moisture in the ground.
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How to use the Limbo Olea Urn:

Earth Burial:
  1. Take the water-soluble bag out of the urn.
  2. Cut the strap and keep it to close the bag.
  3. Place the open bag inside the urn and carefully place the ashes inside.
  4. Close the bag with the strap.
  5. The lid can be closed by tying a ribbon around the urn, or with a small amount of thick glue.
  6. Place the urn into the ground, directly underneath the sapling roots, or next to them (make sure to dig a deeper hole to accommodate the urn if you want it to be directly beneath) cover with soil and compress around the tree roots, making it level with the ground and water.
  7. Visit regularly and water and feed the tree.
Water Burial:
  1. Follow steps 1 to 4 above.
  2. Slowly lower the Olea Urn into the desired area of water.
  3. The Limbo Olea Urn will disperse within 15 minutes if placed at the water’s edge, however, if placed in deeper water the urn is designed to immediately descend to the river or sea bed so keep this in mind when considering the timing of your goodbyes.

To help you with size and choosing the correct product we have a simple step by step guide.

  1. Start by taking some digital scales and the container of ashes that you would have received from the crematorium.
  2. Place this box onto the digital scales and weigh the ashes.
  3. If the ashes are contained in a poly-tub, remove 230g from the additional weight. If they are in a cremation box, remove 200g from the weight.
  4. Our rule of thumb is that every kilogram of cremated remains equates to 1 litre of ashes.
  5. This means if you have approximately 3 kilograms of cremated remains you will need to purchase an urn of between 3-4 litres in capacity.
  6. We have products to suit all needs, available from 0.025 litre through to 8 litre capacities.
  7. If you are unsure about sizing an urn please call us on 01245 377057 and we will be able to assist you.