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Heart Pendant & Diamente Detail

Stunning Handcrafted 925 Sterling Silver Heart Pendant with Diamante Detailing for a token of of your loved ones treasured ashes. Each pendant comes with its own elegant presentation box, interring kit and 18″ Snake Chain. All jewellery pieces are triple checked to ensure they meet our exacting standards. The compartment is accessed via a threaded grub screw and an interring kit is supplied. This pendant may be engraved with a single letter by a professional. Dimensions 21mm drop, 27mm across, 18″ Snake Chain.

New packaging – each jewellery item now comes in its own black pouch inside an environmentally friendly presentation box, with a cotton bag and green gift bag to match. Please see the last photo as an example.

If you would like to use our interring service so that you do not have to accept responsibility of the interring process, please either call us or add it to the notes during checkout, and we will send you an ashes pack for you to return to us. The service is £12.50 plus VAT per family order (multiple pieces with the same set of ashes) and takes approx, 4-5 working days turnaround. 

Without the service, our delivery charge is £10 plus VAT per 20kg, so it is only an additional £2.50 plus VAT to use the service.

Interring Instructions:

  1. If possible, make the ashes as fine as possible to make the interring easier.
  2. Locate the 1.5mm or 2mm threaded grub screw on the rear, bottom or inside locket of the keepsake piece.
  3. Only place jewellery on to soft, cushioned surfaces to avoid scratching.
  4. Unscrew the grub screw – slowly and carefully with the 1.5mm or 2mm Allen Key provided.
  5. Place the provided funnel into the entry point.
  6. Using a small spoon and the funnel carefully place a token of the remains in the concealed compartment.
  7. Tapping the piece lightly can encourage the ashes to filter down into the chamber.
  8. Carefully thread the grub screw back on to sit flush to seal the ashes inside.
  9. Do not over tighten the grub screw.
  10. Blow lightly on the piece to ensure no ashes are on the surface, as they can scratch the silver.
  11. Lightly polish the piece with the provided polishing cloth, paying close attention to any debris on the surface.