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Limbo Flamma Glass Urn

Flamma is an urn handcrafted from moulded glass, cork and virgin beeswax to preserve the ashes indefinitely, keeping your loved one’s flame alive. Inside the urn is a cotton bag to preserve the ashes of your loved one. A tea light can also be used as a replacement to the incense burner. The main material represents pureness, transparency and a bridge between the visible and the invisible. Its maroon colour symbolises inner strength and its incense burner at the top reinforces the symbolism of purification and regeneration. Dimensions – 26cm high, 24cm wide, 3.5l capacity.

    1. To use the Flamma Urn take the incense burner and lid off the top of the urn.
    2. Open up the cotton bag inside the urn and pull the top of the bag out over the opening of the urn.
    3. Using a funnel – dispense the ashes inside the bag slowly to allow them to settle then tie the cotton bag tight.
    4. Push the the tied top fully inside the urn and replace the lid.
    5. Light the candle in remembrance of your loved one.

A tea light can also be used as a replacement to the incense burner.

To help you with size and choose the correct product we have a simple step by step guide.

  1. Start by taking some digital scales and the container of ashes that you would have received from the crematorium.
  2. Place this box onto the digital scales and weigh the ashes.
  3. If the ashes are contained in a poly-tub, remove 230g from the additional weight. If they are in a cremation box, remove 200g from the weight.
  4. Our rule of thumb is that every kilogram of cremated remains equates to 1 litre of ashes.
  5. This means if you have approximately 3 kilograms of cremated remains you will need to purchase an urn of between 3-4 litres in capacity.
  6. We have products to suit all needs, available from 0.025 litre through to 8 litre capacities.
  7. If you are unsure about sizing an urn please call us on 01245 377057 and we will be able to assist you.