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Printed Scatter Tube – Wildflower Fields

We have created eight exclusive designs of new scatter tubes, crafted in high quality cardboard with high-resolution printed images. Each scatter tube has a perforated circle on the top of the tube, under the lid, which is simply pushed in to allow you to scatter ashes. Every tube arrives with a beautiful grey gift bag for easy transportation, a sticker to cover the vent hole on the base, and an instructions leaflet. Glue is not provided – however, any glue suitable for paper will work well.

Three sizes available:

Small – for a keepsake token of ashes or hair – 13.5cm high, 7.8cm diameter, 0.45 litre capacity.

Medium – for approximately half a set of adult ashes – 25cm high, 11cm diameter, 1.8 litre capacity.

Large – for an average sized set of adult ashes – 37cm high, 13cm diameter, 3.6 litre capacity. 

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How to use the printed scatter tubes:

  1. Remove the printed scatter tube lid, by twisting gently.
  2. Separate the white inner tube and place on a flat, stable surface with the open end facing up. Carefully inter the ashes into the white inner tube.
  3. Squeeze a small amount of glue around the inside of the printed outer tube, about an inch below the rim. Any glue suitable for paper will work.
  4. Line up the printed outer tube over the top of the white tube and slowly push downwards, allowing air to escape through the vent hole at the top.
  5. Once in place, attach the provided sticker over the vent hole to ensure the ashes will remain safely inside. Do not turn the tube to its upright position until the sticker is attached.
  6. Once sealed, turn the tube over and replace the lid on top.
  7. To scatter the ashes, remove the lid, push in the perforated disc on the top and slowly release the ashes.